Founded in 2007, Firebean specializes in creating lasting impressions
and engaging relationships between brands and their target audiences.

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It all starts with listening
Not only do we tackle each case by thoroughly understanding our client’s business and marketing needs, we also listen to what the brand communities are saying to produce compelling, insight-driven creative that generates impactful results.
Pulling complementary resources together
In addition to collaborating with our client’s team throughout the entire process, we also try to maximize results by aligning our client’s interests, resources, and marketing muscle with other like-minded companies to accomplish much more than the client might be able to do on its own.
Actions speaks louder than words.
We always pride ourselves on our ability to deliver customer value that meet and exceed our clients’ diverse expectations through operational excellence. We understand the market cycles and trends enables us to anticipate our clients’ changing needs and to proactively provide innovative and cost-effective branding and marketing solutions.
Our Services
  • Public Relations

    We help you connect with more people in more ways by delivering integrated PR and creative campaigns across a range of channels.
  • Event Marketing

    We leverage our expertise in event management to enhance brand experience, brand recall, customer loyalty & desire to repurchase.
  • Social Media Marketing

    We assist clients to break into the complicated
    world of social media marketing and effectively create,
    brand & manage their online presences.
  • App Development

    We inject life and energy to create innovative, interactive, unique & effective APPS.
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